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We Are Quiet not because We Are Cowards – Kpassa Chief Tells Oti Detractors

By: Obrempongba Kwame Owusu | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Paramount Chief of Kpassa Traditional Area in the Nkwanta North District of the Volta Region, Ubor Konja Tassun VI has warned chiefs at the southern Volta who are opposing the creation of the proposed Oti Region not to mistake the silence of the chiefs and people in the Oti enclave to be cowardice.

He said the people in the Oti area are not cowards but peace loving people but are also ever ready for anyone who will resist them by any attempt to deny their right or mar the processes leading to the creation of the new Oti Region.

Addressing a rally at Kpassa to encourage residents to check that their names are in the voter register to enable them vote during the referendum, the Paramount Chief emphasised that lands in the Oti enclave are not owned by the people of southern Volta neither is Volta Region a kingdom one must seek permission from before getting it divided.

DCE, Jackson Kwasme Jakayi with the NPP Constituency Women’s Organiser at the rally

He appealed to citizens in the Oti enclave to go and check their names to enable them vote in the referendum scheduled for December 27.

The Electoral Commission has commenced the exhibition of Voters register exercise in only the 47 districts in the proposed Western North, Oti, Savannah and Brong East regions in readiness for the referendums later.

The exercise was as a result of recommendations by a nine-member Commission of Enquiry set up by government last year to solicit views of people in the areas where the demands were made.

Although the demand for the regions are aimed at facilitating development and fast-tracking the decentralisation of the governance process, it provoked some agitations from the people of the Volta Region who believed that government could get the needed development to the people without carving out the proposed Oti from the region.

The District Chief Executive for the area, Jackson Kwame Jakayi revealed that the fighting of the region started forty years ago and both National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) had it in their manifestos to grant their demand.

He described as “unfortunate” provocative statements coming from people who are expected to know better, especially some chiefs from the southern Volta.

He therefore encouraged residents to go out and check their names to enable them vote during the referendum.

Some residents of the area expressed optimism that the new region when created would bring jobs and also improve socio- economic activities in the area.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com


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    My attention has been drawn to a publication on the Voltaonlinegh.com dated October 26, 2018 by Obrampogba Kwame Owusu where one Ubor Konja Tassan a Konkomba Headman described himself as the paramount chief of Kpassa Traditional Area in the Nkwanta North District of the Volta Region. It is a fallacy and self subterfuge for him to claim such a tittle . Traditional Ruler is not a political Ruler which goes by a common majority. To gain the status of paramount Chief, you have to be the overlord of the land in the area. How can a konkomba stranger settler community headman becomes a paramount Chief.

    It would interest Ghanaians in general and the people of Nkwanta North District in particular to know that I, Nana Ayeng Anebo II, is the legitimate gazetted Kpassa -Wura.I am a Guan origion and hail from Bladjai Nawuri. The mane Kpassa is in Guan Dialect precisely Nawuri and not in Konkomba headman to parade himself as a paramount chief of Kpassa.

    The Konkombas own no land in the Volta Region of Ghana for them to be recognized as chiefs, let alone gaining the status of paramountcy. Which of the Traditional Council s do they belong to in the Volta Region for them to be accorded such recognition. Which Legislative instrument (L.I) in Ghana established his so called paramountcy. Chieftaincy in Ghana is well structured with Chieftaincy Acts, Chieftaincy Law of Ghana and above all, the constitution of Ghana.

    How can Konja Konkomba goes to bear false witness or perjury in suit No.25/1968 at Tamale High Court that Kpassa Land belonged to Shira-Wura and he was found guilty and now turned to proclaim himself as the paramount chief of the said Land.

    Also, in Land suit no. 23/2005 at Ho High Court between the Krachi -Wura and Jingbe Ubapu for konkombas, Justice R. K. Apaloo, the justice of appeal in his judgement, he stated that “there is evidence on record that the Konkombas being migrants do not have chiefs as it is known in either parts of the Country . From the evidence of the defendants (Konkombas) there is no right of succession to any chiefly office among the Konkombas. They have what I shall best call herdsmen as their leaders “. Konkombas in the Traditional Areas under Krachi Traditional Council have headmen as their leaders, hence how come a Konkomba headman became a chief and even paramount chief.

    History has it that the colonial administrators under the leadership of captain Lilly, the German commissioner to Togo took radical steps against the Konkombas at Natim in Togo by cutting off their thumbs which prompted most of them to seek refuge in Ghana. It was then that one Tamanja and Gepepewu, the father of Konja led a group of them with their cattle to Bladjai and the Chief then was Nana Ayeng who accepted them as refugees and settled them at Bladjai. When the cattle of Konja konkomba persistently destroying the rice farm of the Yorubas, they reported the incident to the Salaga Police through Kunumkuri-Wura which led to unbearable harassment to Konja. In order to liberate Konja from such harassment, Nana Ayeng therefore discretionally re-settled him on part of his land with his nephew, Nkiane who was there for setting traps for big games by the steam Kpassa to enable him real his cattle freely.

    Therefore, Ubor Konja Tassan is only to instigate the Chieftaincy crisis in the area in order to disturb the peace that the people of Kpassa are enjoying.

  2. Make reference to Konkomba chief, NOT Kpassa chief. Kpassa is a Nawuri land. This Konkomba chief who sells his forma school land and uses the money to import guns?


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