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Dela Sky’s #AfeviaChallenge; A Rallying Point for Ewe Heritage in the Midst of COVID-19

BY: Lambert Atsivor | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The last few weeks has brought some nostalgia to people of Ewe descent, as their proud cultural heritage took centre stage on social media through the #AfeviaChallenge, an initiative of seasoned broadcast journalist with Citi FM/CitiTV Richard Dela Sky, who is now on hiatus in the United Kingdom.

Dela, a proud native of Adafienu in the Ketu South municipality of the Volta region, during this period of the COVID-19 restrictions, sort to inspire hope in his followers on social media and keep them informed through the #AfeviaChallenge, by dishing out regular dose of traditional Ewe songs and appellations infused with useful tips for all to keep safe against the pandemic.

This was later embraced by some of his friends, who took up the challenge to prove their Ewe culture dexterity, performing renditions of indigenous Ewe songs and uploading them online to inspire and educate one another against the devastating Corona virus pandemic or COVID-19.

Since then many Ewe people, both in Ghana and the diaspora have joined the #AfeviaChallenge and have been flooding the social media space, particularly Facebook with videos of them showcasing their proud cultural heritage through songs, Ewe Appellations, Ewe Proverbs and other forms indigenous interactions, all geared towards giving hope and keeping safe during the #Covid19 crisis.

    - The Ewe tribe (pronounced Eυe) is one of five major ethnic groups in Ghana, predominantly found in the Volta region, along the country’s Southeastern frontiers with Togo. 
    - The Eυegbe (Ewe language) is their language, though has different variations, depending on which part of the region, one comes from.
    - According to Wikipedia, the largest population of Ewe people is in Ghana with (3.3m) people, and the second largest population in Togo with (2m) people.

Touching on his motivation for this initiative, Dela has been explaining in the following quotes to Volta Online, “I felt that there was a yawning communication gap in terms of pushing critical and timeous information about Covid-19 to the people of Volta origin in a language many can easily understand.”

“So the idea is to use the diverse culture of our people as both a force of attraction and a tool to reach them with complex but essential messages about Covid-19 in ways they can easily relate to, fully comprehend and positively act upon.”

He is hopeful that the initiative would demystify Ewe culture to the world and for “Persons who for one reason or another shy away from their Ewe identity to rethink their positions.”

Indeed the challenge has become a rallying point for the young and old, famous and non-famous, to showcase the unique rich Ewe cultural heritage to the relish of rest of the world.

No wonder the likes of Ben Dotsei Malor, a former Presidential Spokesperson and an international public servant at the United Nations has given a seal of endorsement to the #AfeviaChallenge with a sterling performance, as he encouraged Ghanaians of other tribes to replicate same to showcase the country’s diversity cultural heritage.

In the meantime, let’s game on with the #AfeviaChallenge, as at the end of it all comes a “modest prize” according to Dela Sky, for the one whose entry is “deemed by his or her peers – and above all judges – as the most authentic and persuasive Covid-19 Communication effort that blends culture and life-saving Public Health messages into a piece to easily admire.”

Follow the hashtag, #AfeviaChallenge on social media to watch more videos.

Source: www.Voltaonlinegh.com

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