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2 Million Volta Residents Get Insecticide Nets to Fight Malaria

The Volta Regional Health Directorate has received a total number of 1,414,62 long lasting insecticide nets (LLINs) for distribution to 2,240,202 registered people in the 25 districts in the Volta region due this week.

The 7-day campaign which starts from 27-29 March and 3-6 April, 2018 unlike the earlier campaign that saw volunteers hanging the nets in rooms for beneficiaries, will have designated points where beneficiaries will converge for the nets, two persons per net.

The campaign to replace the old nets distributed in 2014 which have outgone their three-year efficacy period is being championed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in partnership with USAID, PMI, Vector Words and GlobalFund to eradicate malaria in the country.

Dr. Yaw Ofori Yeboah, Deputy Volta Regional Director of Public Health of Ghana Health Service (GHS), making this known at 2018 LLIN Point Mass Distribution Stakeholders Meeting ahead of the National Campaign launch said, the distribution of the net is free and no one should pay for them.

According to him, security measures have been put in place including logo of GHS, bold inscription of “Not for Sale” and contact numbers to call for information to prevent people from taking advantage of the campaign.

Wrong Use of Mosquito Nets

He advised beneficiaries to sleep under the bed nets and not use them for other purposes such as food preservation, fishing, etc. He also called on the public to sparingly wash the nets in order to maintain their efficacy.

Togbe Kweku Ayim IV, Paramount Chief of Ziavi Traditional Area, addressing the participants suggested that much education on the use of the LLIN should be channeled through religious and traditional leaders in the various communities in order to achieve the aim of the campaign.

The workshop which came off at Hotel Stevens, Ho was attended by representatives of Red Cross, Department of Children and Women, NADMO, NCCE, Media, Religious and Traditional leaders.

By Albert Kuzor/VoltaOnlinegh

Sixth Volta Trade Opens with Cultural Splendor & Push For Intra-Africa Trade

BY: Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com|

The 6th Edition of Volta Trade and Investment Fair 2023 officially opened on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 with a vibrant cultural performance showcasing the rich heritage of the Volta Region at Ho Jubilee Park.

The event, held under the theme “Leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Area for Economic Development,” attracted a diverse audience, including diplomats, traditional leaders, government officials, brand ambassadors, and students from second-cycle institutions in the Ho Municipality.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Dela Gadzanku, Chairman of the Ghana Association of Industries for Eastern, Volta, and Oti, emphasized that 2023 marks the year of accelerating the African Free Trade Area, with a particular focus on empowering youth and women. He highlighted the determination of the Volta Region to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the AfCFTA free trade zone for accelerated development.

Dr. Humphrey K. Ayim-Dake, President of the Association of Ghana Industries, characterized the fair as a convergence of industrial players and stakeholders, providing a platform to discuss policy matters, establish connections, and showcase products and innovations. Dr. Ayim-Dake expressed the association’s commitment to supporting policies that facilitate the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises within the African Free Trade Area.

Dela Gadzanku

Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, underscored the role of trade and investment as drivers of local economic development. He emphasized their potential to uplift millions from poverty, providing employment opportunities and delivering goods and services at competitive prices. Dr. Letsa called for collective efforts towards responsible investment, highlighting the importance of preserving the ecosystem as the foundation for material wealth and well-being.

Africa’s youngest MP and Minister, Ms. Emma M. Theofulus, Deputy Minister of ICT and Technology of the Republic of Namibia, who was also a special guest to the event, urged the youth to safeguard the rich potential of the region, emphasizing Africa as the only place they can call home. Acknowledging Africa’s status as the youngest continent, with a population expected to double by 2050, she stressed the need for a conscious effort to leverage human and natural capital resources to maximize the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Speaking at the ceremony Ms. Theofulus declared, “Every African child must be able to feel, touch, taste, and experience the fruits of the Free Trade Area.”

The 6ht Volta Fair commenced on Sunday,  with several exhibitors from across the country and beyond in attendance. Some of them who spoke to Volta Online, were optimistic of making gains from the event.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Sixth Volta Fair 2023 Returns to Ho Jubilee Park; Here is Why You shouldn’t Miss It

BY: Lambert Coffie | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Jubilee Park in Ho is set to host the eagerly anticipated 6th Volta Trade and Investment Fair from Sunday, November 26, to Sunday, December 10, 2023. This landmark event, which has garnered national and international attention in recent years, is returning to its roots at the Jubilee Park, where the inaugural three editions were held in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Following a long hiatus, the fair underwent a revival in 2019. Under the auspices of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, the Ghana Tourism Authority, and private sector partners, spearheaded by the Regional branch of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI Eastern/Volta/Oti), the last two editions in 2019 and 2021 were held at the Ho Sports Stadium, to the displeasure of certain stakeholders in the sports fraternity.

However, despite initial plans for this year’s Volta Fair to be held at the stadium, the organisers, led by the AGI, reconsidered after further engagement with stakeholders to return the fair to the Jubilee Park, the original venue, to allow for the continuation of sporting activities at the stadium. A decision warmly received by the sporting fraternity in the municipality.

With the venue matter resolved, organisers are determined to deliver yet another splendid event to the satisfaction of both exhibitors and patrons. The 6th Volta Trade and Investment Fair-2023 is on the theme “Leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Area for Economic Development.” With a commitment to making this fair a true reflection of Africa’s diversity, the event will focus on key areas crucial for the growth and development of the continent: Agribusiness, Tourism, Manufacturing, Housing & Urban Development, Infrastructure, Green Economy, Creative Arts and Culture, and Sports Investment and Talent Development.

Anticipated to draw over 400 exhibitors from across the country, the sub-region and beyond, as well as over 50,000 patrons over the two-week period, the fair, which will showcase the immense socio-economic investment potentials of the region, is expected to host several local and foreign dignitaries, including diplomats.

Key Highlights for the Fair Include:

1. Opening Ceremony: The official opening ceremony, setting the stage for two weeks of captivating exhibitions and discussions, is scheduled for Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at 2:00 pm.

2. AGI National Annual General Meeting: For the first time, the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) will convene its national Annual General Meeting in Ho, focusing on “Industrialization through Sustainable & Efficient Supply Chains.”

3. Volta Women’s Entrepreneurs Summit: This summit aims to celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs, exploring the theme “Navigating New Frontiers: Women Entrepreneurs Delivering the AfCFTA Vision.”

4. Youth Entrepreneurs Summit: Emphasizing the importance of nurturing youth entrepreneurship in the AfCFTA era, the 2nd Youth Entrepreneurs Summit revolves around the theme “Bridging New Borders: Amplifying Youth Entrepreneurship in the AfCFTA Era.”

5. Sports Investment Summit & Awards: Delve into the world of sports investment and talent development through insightful discussions and presentations.

6. Tourism, Arts & Culture Forum: Explore the rich cultural heritage and potential of the Volta region in the context of the AfCFTA.

7. Horticultural & Youth Innovation Events: Witness the innovative ideas of the youth in action during the fair.

8. Volta Beer Festival: Experience the flavours of Volta through a delightful beer festival celebrating local brews.

9. Visit Volta Tours: Discover the beauty and uniqueness of the Volta region through guided tours and excursions.

10. Kente Festival: Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and traditions of the Volta region during our Kente Festival.

11. Non-stop Entertainment and Funfairs: Exhibitors and patrons can enjoy a delightful nightlife experience with back-to-back entertainment and fair activities on the fairgrounds.

See you at the 6th Volta Trade and Investment Fair-2023 as we converge to build stronger, more sustainable, and prosperous local economies in the era of AfCFTA.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com  

Plying the Accra-Ho Road? Checkout the New Traffic Arrangement in Ho

BY: Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com|

Effective Friday, November 24, 2023, the Department of Urban Roads will commence the implementation of a one-way traffic system on the Bankoe/Ministries enclave in Ho.

This is to fully operationalize the Sokode-Ho dual carriage road and to improve traffic flow within the Regional Capital.

As a result, the Department advises motorists to use these alternative routes:

1. Travelling from Sokode to Civic Centre, Bankoe:

    • At SIC – Goil Junction, make a right turn onto the 3rd Avenue Road towards the Old Traffic Light at High Court Junction.
    • At the Old Traffic Light, take a left turn onto Residency – VRCC Road leading to Vodafone Junction, then take a left turn onto Independence Avenue, heading towards Civic Centre.

2. Travelling from Ho Market to Sokode and Accra:

    • At Civic Centre Traffic Lights, make a right turn onto Togbe Afede High Street and continue along the Ho-Sokode Main Road.

3. Travelling from KK House to Sokode and Accra:

    • Starting from KK House on Independence Avenue Road, continue straight to the Civic Centre Traffic Lights, turn left onto Togbe Afede High Street, and proceed along the Ho-Sokode Main Road. Remember that left turns are not allowed at Vodafone Junction.

4. Travelling from KK House to the High Court, VRCC, and other Government Offices:

    • Starting from KK House Junction on Independence Avenue Road, continue straight to the Civic Centre Traffic Lights, and turn left onto Togbe Afede High Street. Keep driving towards Goil Junction in Bankoe. At Goil Junction, make a left turn onto 3rd Avenue Road, leading to the Old Traffic Lights at High Court Junction, and turn left to reach High Court, VRCC, and other Government Offices. Remember that left turns are not allowed at Vodafone Junction.

5. Travelling from Ho Market to High Court – VRCC and other Government Offices:

    • At Civic Centre Traffic Lights, turn right onto Togbe Afede High Street and continue to Goil Junction.
    • At Goil Junction, make a left turn onto 3rd Avenue Road, leading to Old Traffic Lights at High Court Junction, and turn left there to reach High Court, VRCC, and other Government Offices.

The Authority further cautions motorists to exercise caution and obey traffic management signs that will be provided along the route to ensure safe and efficient vehicular movement in the municipality.

Watch the Directional video

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com

Journalists Tasked to Be Gender-Sensitive in Reporting on Female Politicians

BY: Shallom Abla Lumor | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Ms. Shamima Muslim, the convenor of the Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA), has urged Ghanaian reporters to adopt a gender-sensitive approach when covering female political aspirants.

According to Ms. Muslim, female candidates often encounter negativity influenced by cultural and religious factors during their political campaigns. Therefore, journalists bear the responsibility of instilling hope by choosing appropriate language and highlighting the strengths of these aspirants in their reporting.

She emphasized, “We must recognize that any female aspirant taking on the challenge of political elections has courageously stepped into a domain dominated by men. Consequently, the media should support these women by focusing on their strengths and political messages, steering clear of toxic narratives about female leadership.”

Shamima Muslim

Ms. Muslim made these remarks at a recently concluded training workshops organized for journalists and selected female political aspirants gearing up for district-level elections on December 19th, 2023.

The workshop, themed “Enhancing Inclusive Participation in Local Governance in Ghana Through Capacity-building for Journalists and Female Political Aspirants,” was organized by AWMA with funding support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). Its primary focus was to equip female aspirants with communication skills and sensitize media practitioners to report in a gender-sensitive manner.

During the training, female aspirants received practical guidance on presenting themselves and their campaign messages effectively to the media and voters alike. Journalists were also encouraged to maximize media visibility for these female aspirants to aid them in reaching their target audience.

The training sessions were conducted in three regions of Ghana: Greater Accra, Ashanti Region, and the Northern Regions. Ten female aspirants were carefully selected from each region to benefit from this capacity-building initiative.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com

Ho: Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Nursing Mother, Baby, and 8 Others


BY: Lambert Coffie|Voltaonlinegh.com|
In yet another tragic incident at the foot of the Galenkui mountain in Ho (OLA Top), the Volta Regional capital, a nursing mother and her baby, along with eight other passengers, lost their lives on Tuesday afternoon.

The victims were on board a mini Benz bus with registration number GR 1645 W, descending into town when the vehicle’s brakes failed, leading to a collision with an oncoming garbage collection truck owned by Zoomlion.

The impact of the collision was so severe that it forced the heavy-duty truck off the road, leaving the mini-bus mangled beyond description. Additionally, some livestock on top of the mini-bus also perished in the accident.

The mangled mini-bus. Photo (C) Graphic Online

Eyewitnesses informed Volta Online that personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service spent about 30 minutes extricating the trapped truck driver, while the bodies of the victims were scattered on the road.

Personnel of the Ambulance Service, swiftly transported the deceased and other yet-to-be-identified injured victims to the Ho Teaching Hospital.

This tragic incident adds to a series of accidents that have occurred in recent weeks along the same stretch of road. Fortunately, the previous incidents did not result in any fatalities.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

OTI: Curfew Imposed in Nkwanta Township Following Deadly Ethnic Tensions


BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Minister of the Interior Mr. Ambrose Dery, has imposed a curfew on the Nkwanta township and its environs in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region. The curfew as per an executive instrument, is effective, Tuesday, November 21, 2023, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am each day.

The decision comes in response to recent reported ethnic tensions in the area, resulting in the tragic death of eight individuals due to sporadic shooting at the local market on Monday. Several others, including a police officer, have sustained injuries and are currently receiving treatment at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in the district capital. Some houses have also be reported burnt in the process.

The minister  in a statement called upon the chiefs, elders, opinion leaders, youth, and residents of the area to exercise restraint in the face of the challenges confronting them. He urged them to utilize established mechanisms for conflict resolution and dispute settlement.

In addition, the ministry placed a ban on all individuals in the municipality and its surroundings from carrying arms, ammunition, or any offensive weapons in the area. It warned anyone found with offensive weapons will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

Meanwhile, there is heavy deployment of  security personnel in the town to maintain law and order, while, some residents are reported have flee the area, as a result of the tension.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

GJA/US Embassy Peaceful Election Reporting Workshop Held in Ho


BY: Daniel Orlando | voltaonlinegh.com |
The Ghana Journalists Association in collaboration with the US Embassy in Ghana, has organised a day’s training workshop for selected media practitioners within the Volta and Oti Regions.

The  workshop, formed part of a nine-month project aimed at promoting peaceful media platforms ahead of the 2024 elections. It also served as a platform for learning and information sharing among journalists.

The US Embassy-funded project will empower journalists and related agencies, such as political parties and security services, to contribute to violence-free and credible polls across the country.

In an address read by the General Secretary of the Association, Kofi Yeboah, on behalf of the President of the Ghana Journalists Association, Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, gratitude was expressed to the U.S. Embassy Ghana for their continuous support of the media fraternity.

Mr. Dwumfour acknowledged the pivotal role of the media as the fourth estate in the upcoming elections and safeguarding the country’s democracy.

The GJA president described the project as one that will equip Ghanaian journalists to uphold the journalistic tenets of Press Freedom and freedom of expression while promoting professionalism.

The training, include conflict management, accurate reporting, fact-checking, peace-sensitive reporting, and election coverage, will enable journalists to produce self-initiated projects, such as news reports and impactful stories, towards credible elections.

Emmanuel Agbaxode, Chairman for GJA Volta/Oti, mentioned in his address that the training will afford practitioners in the region the opportunity to focus on fostering peaceful election discourse.

Mr. Agbaxode noted that Ghana boasts a commendable record in holding and managing elections but added that there is always room for improvement to enhance contributions to national stability and development.

“In the evolving media landscape, your roles as watchdogs, educators, informers, and advocates for what is right are more critical than ever. With the influx of social media, we must navigate the challenges it presents, using these platforms responsibly to uphold the integrity of our profession.”

He urged all media practitioners to leverage communication channels for positive impact and not succumb to normalizing media abuse but champion the right use of media freedom, making misuse unattractive, awkward, and taboo.

Rebecca Ekpe, the Public Relations Officer of GJA and the Project Lead, stated that the project will offer journalists the opportunity to contribute to violence-free and credible polls in Ghana before, during, and after the elections in 2024.

According to the Project Lead, journalists and on-air personalities, especially from local language-speaking stations, will be identified and trained to engage in peaceful discourse that will help GJA promote long-term learning for media practitioners, upholding freedom of expression and credible polls. It will also encourage the sharing of information among journalists and election-related entities to better inform the work of the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

The training workshop is the first in series since its launch in Accra and is expected to be carried out around the country.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com|

Kpando SHS Launches Infrastructure Fund; First Sky Group Chairman Donates GHC1 Million Seed Fund

Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com|

The Executive Chairman of First Sky Group, Eric Seddy Kutortse, has launched an Infrastructure Endowment Fund for Kpando Senior High School during the 70th-anniversary durbar of the school over the weekend.

Mr. Kutortse, an old student of the school, said the endowment fund would help to address the numerous infrastructural challenges facing the institution.

Highlighting that contributions from former students and corporate entities would result in a significant expansion of infrastructure, Mr. Kutortse expressed confidence that this development would attract and retain high-quality tutors, and ultimately contribute to the attainment of desired educational standards.

Mr. Eric Kutortse, was the Guest Speaker at the Anniversary Durbar

To kickstart the initiative, Mr. Kutortse generously donated GHS 1,000,000 as seed funding and proposed a quarterly contribution of GHS 100 from former students. He envisioned that this ongoing support would accumulate over GHc 40 million within five years, to support the school’s landmark infrastructure projects for its Diamond Jubilee anniversary.

The school’s Headmaster, Mr. Charles Evans Apreku, shared in his address that the current student population stands at 3,210. He acknowledged the school’s outstanding performance in the recent West Africa Examination Council and attributed the increased demand for admission to the institution, placing strain on their existing facilities.

Mr. Apreku appealed to the government to prioritize the provision of adequate infrastructure to create a conducive environment for teaching and learning. He stressed the importance of meeting the challenges posed by the growing demand for admission.


Representing the Education Minister, Dr. Eric Nkansah, the Director-General of Ghana Education Service, commended the school’s management for producing outstanding students. Dr. Nkansah assured continued government support for quality education, citing ongoing efforts to enhance science laboratories and establish STEM schools across the country.

The 70th-anniversary grand durbar was chaired by the Paramount Chief of Akpini traditional area, Okpekpewuokpe Togbe Dagadu IV, and brought together alumni from various backgrounds for a weekend-long celebration at the school. The event showcased the strong sense of community among past students, highlighting their commitment to the school’s legacy and future success.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Fodome Traditional Area Donates GHS25,000 to Flood Victims’ Disaster Relief Fund

BY: News Desk | voltaonlinegh.com|

The Chiefs and people of Fodome Traditional Area in the Hohoe Municipality have extended support to flood victims of the lower Volta basin through the newly established Volta Region House of Chiefs Disaster Relief Fund, responding to the flood devastation.

A delegation from the area, led by Togbe Diabo XIV, a divisional chief of Fodome Hloma, with support from Togbe Kottoh IV, Mankralo of Fodome Woe, and Mama Dzigbordzi Koto IV, Divisional Queen of Fodome Woe,  presented a cheque for GHS25,000 to the President of the Regional House of Chiefs, Togbe Tepre Hodo in Ho last Thursday, towards the relief efforts of the house.

According to Togbe Diabo, the disaster was of a grave concern to the people of Fodome, hence, viewed the regional house initiative as a means to collectively aid those impacted.

“We want to assure our fellow citizens in the flood-affected areas that we stand with them and will offer support whenever the opportunity arises.”

Togbe Tepre Hodo, President of the Regional House of Chiefs, who received the donation, conveyed profound appreciation to the chiefs and people of Fodome Traditional area, as well as their paramount chief, Togbe Gbodegbleme Akpatsa II, for their generous contribution.

He noted, “they have indeed set the example with their contribution to the disaster fund.”

Togbe Tepre Hodo revealed that the fund, established a few weeks ago, had accumulated close to GHS100,000, and commended all contributors, including the Volta Regional Minister and “countless other donors.”

“It’s very impressive, but we can do better. We are looking forward to making a meaningful donation to the victims by Christmas.”

The Volta Region House of Chiefs established the relief fund a few days after the flooding and is collaborating with GBC Volta Star Radio in Ho and Radio Gold in Accra to promote the fund.

An account, “Volta Region House of Chiefs Disaster Relief Fund” – 5011180003678, GCB Ho Main Branch, has been designated for contributions.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Edem Gets Ambassadorial Role Ahead of Volta Fair 2023

BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Renowned musician Edem Go-Get’em, known in real life as Denning Edem Hotor, has been officially unveiled as the Brand Ambassador for the Volta Trade and Investment Fair. This prestigious appointment places Edem among other distinguished personalities such as Citi FM/TV’s Bernard Avle, Emefa Apawu, and Mama Owusu-Aboagye from the Multimedia Group, Kafui Dey from the State Broadcaster, GBC, Seyram Amakpa-Azasu, Technical Advisor for Diaspora Engagement at GIZ Ghana, and Ivy Prosper, the Social Media Manager of Beyond the Return Secretariat.

The Brand Ambassador will promote all activities of the Volta Trade and Investment Fair and the region on all platforms, including social and traditional media.

A press release from the organisers copied Volta Online stated that, over the years, Edem has tirelessly worked to promote the Volta Region, earning himself a special place in the hearts of the local community. With his deep commitment to the region, he has undertaken numerous initiatives that have furthered the region’s interests and development.

Expressing his excitement at becoming a Volta Brand Ambassador, Edem has eagerly embraced the responsibility to generate enthusiasm and interest in the upcoming Volta Trade and Investment Fair. He warmly invites both the global audience and his devoted fans to join him at the Ho Sports Stadium from November 26 to December 10, where they can immerse themselves in the charm of the Volta Region, enjoy its hospitality, and experience its unique offerings, both in culture and commerce. In his own words, “Come to Volta Fair 2023, Visit Volta, Experience Volta, Taste Volta.”

Mr. Dela Gadzanku, Chairman of the Association of Ghana Industries for the Eastern, Volta, and Oti regions, commended Edem’s exceptional bond with his home region. He emphasized that Edem’s unwavering love and commitment to the Volta Region make him an invaluable asset as a Volta Brand Ambassador. Mr. Gadzanku encouraged Edem to leverage his international reach to promote the region and attract investments to unlock its vast untapped potential.

The Volta Trade and Investment Fair, organized by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) in collaboration with the Volta Regional Coordinating Council and the Ghana Tourism Authority, is a biennial event dedicated to promoting businesses across Ghana and the broader African continent.

This year’s Fair is under the theme ‘Leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Area for Economic Development’.

Alongside the exhibition of products and services, the fair will feature a diverse array of activities, including seminars and entertainment events. These include the Women Summit, Youth Summit, Sports Development Summit, and a Workshop on Horticulture and Horticulture Export. Other exciting events include the Regional Farmers Day, Kente Festival, Beer Festival, Miss Volta Fair 2023, a food court, and a musical concert.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com