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2 Million Volta Residents Get Insecticide Nets to Fight Malaria

The Volta Regional Health Directorate has received a total number of 1,414,62 long lasting insecticide nets (LLINs) for distribution to 2,240,202 registered people in the 25 districts in the Volta region due this week.

The 7-day campaign which starts from 27-29 March and 3-6 April, 2018 unlike the earlier campaign that saw volunteers hanging the nets in rooms for beneficiaries, will have designated points where beneficiaries will converge for the nets, two persons per net.

The campaign to replace the old nets distributed in 2014 which have outgone their three-year efficacy period is being championed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in partnership with USAID, PMI, Vector Words and GlobalFund to eradicate malaria in the country.

Dr. Yaw Ofori Yeboah, Deputy Volta Regional Director of Public Health of Ghana Health Service (GHS), making this known at 2018 LLIN Point Mass Distribution Stakeholders Meeting ahead of the National Campaign launch said, the distribution of the net is free and no one should pay for them.

According to him, security measures have been put in place including logo of GHS, bold inscription of “Not for Sale” and contact numbers to call for information to prevent people from taking advantage of the campaign.

Wrong Use of Mosquito Nets

He advised beneficiaries to sleep under the bed nets and not use them for other purposes such as food preservation, fishing, etc. He also called on the public to sparingly wash the nets in order to maintain their efficacy.

Togbe Kweku Ayim IV, Paramount Chief of Ziavi Traditional Area, addressing the participants suggested that much education on the use of the LLIN should be channeled through religious and traditional leaders in the various communities in order to achieve the aim of the campaign.

The workshop which came off at Hotel Stevens, Ho was attended by representatives of Red Cross, Department of Children and Women, NADMO, NCCE, Media, Religious and Traditional leaders.

By Albert Kuzor/VoltaOnlinegh

Agotime-Ziope DCE Allegedly Assaults Former Women Organizer

BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Details have emerged regarding an alleged assault incident involving Emelia Emefa Adzimah, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Agortime-Ziope, during a funeral over the weekend.

Ms. Adzimah, one of only two female DCEs in the Volta region, was reported to have physically assaulted Ms. Doris Dzifa Kaledzi, a former NPP Constituency Women Organiser for Ho Central. The incident took place at the funeral of the late wife of the Ho Central NPP Chairman on Saturday, June 3.

According to reports, the DCE pushed and shoved the former Women Organiser when she attempted to take a seat behind her. During the altercation, the DCE hit Ms. Kaledzi in the face with the funeral brochure, resulting in a cut under her eyebrow.

Doris Dzifa Kaledzi

A witness who was present at the Ho Police Training School park described the attack as completely unprovoked. The witness stated, “There was absolutely no confrontation from the young lady (victim). She simply wanted to take a seat behind the DCE and politely asked her to make room. That’s when the assault happened.”

The victim has since reported the incident at the Ho Central Police station, where she was issued a medical form to seek treatment at the hospital.

It is currently unclear whether there was any pre-existing conflict between the two women prior to the incident.

While, the victim is said to be insistent on pursuing the assault case with the police, Volta Online has learned that party officials are making efforts to settle the matter outside the justice system.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Disregard False Claim of HIV Spread – GHS

BY: Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Volta Regional Health Directorate has dismissed a report suggesting a surge in HIV cases at the Ho Technical University or any tertiary institution in the region.

In a press statement on June 5, and signed by Dr. Senanu Kwesi Dzokoto, the Acting Regional Director of Health Services, the Directorate reviewed HIV testing data from all health facilities in the region and found no evidence of an increase in HIV cases at any facility or tertiary institution.

The statement highlighted the successful implementation of various strategies by the Health Directorate and its partners in combating HIV/AIDS. These efforts, it noted have resulted in an impressive 85% reduction in new infections and the elimination of mother-to-child transmissions.

To maintain the progress achieved in HIV prevention, testing, and treatment, the Directorate urged residents to actively engage in disease awareness campaigns and utilize tailored services that cater to their specific needs. Stigmatization should be avoided, and the community is encouraged to support these initiatives.

Dr. Dzokoto emphasised that individuals can access HIV services while safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality at any health facility in the region. It is vital to recognize that HIV remains a reality, and everyone is encouraged to adopt positive lifestyles through sexual abstinence, faithfulness to partners, and consistent condom use, the statement added.

Meanwile, the management of the Ho Technical University, in a separate press release sighted by Voltaonline, urged the public to disregard the false publication, asserting that legal action will be taken against individuals who share this misleading information.

Below is the full statement from the Health Directorate

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

HTU Denies Hoax HIV Publication, Warns of Legal Action

BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Ho Technical University (HTU) has denied a false publication claiming an outbreak of HIV among its students, calling it baseless and entirely false. The university management addressed the issue in response to an online publication, which had been circulating on social media platforms.

In a press statement on June 5, and released by the registrar, Dr. C.K Amehoe, the university noted that both the University Health Service and the Municipal and Regional Health Directorates of the Ghana Health Service had no information or reports regarding an HIV outbreak at HTU. The statement thus, urged the public to disregard the false publication and emphasized that it had the potential to damage the institution’s hard-earned image and reputation.

Furthermore, HTU’s management warned that legal action would be taken against any individual found sharing the false publication, stressing that the University remains a safe and preferred institution among technical universities worldwide.

Read full statement below 


The attention of the Management of Ho Technical University (HTU) has been drawn to a false publication by ajnewsonline.com circulating on social media regarding an alleged outbreak of HIV in the University.

The University would like to set the record straight that.

1. The University Health Service as well as the Municipal and Regional Health Directorates of the Ghana Health Service have no such information on HTU as published.

2. The Public is urged to disregard the publication as it is entirely baseless and false

The General Public is therefore advised to desist from sharing the false publication as it has the potential of damaging the hard won image and reputation of the Institution.

Management of the University SHALL institute legal action against any person(s) sharing the said false publication.

Management wishes to assure all its stakeholders and the general public that Ho Technical

University remains safe and one of the preferred Technical Universities, worldwide.



Distribution: Media Houses

Issued: 5th June, 2023

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Agyinasare’s Church Declares One-Week Fasting and Prayers Amidst Nogokpo Controversy

BY: Lambert Coffie | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Amidst the ongoing controversy between Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perez Chapel International, and the chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region, the church has announced a one-week period of fasting and prayers.

The declaration was made on Sunday, June 4, 2023, by the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Benjamin Ohene Aboagye.

This decision comes in response to a 14-day ultimatum issued by the chiefs and elders of Nogokpo, inviting the Archbishop to a meeting to resolve the impasse created by his description of the community as a ‘demonic headquarters’.

Taking note of the concerns raised, the Perez Council, acting on behalf of the Executive Council of the Church took the decision for the week-long spiritual exercise.

Presiding Bishop Benjamin Ohene Aboagye stated, “We are declaring a one-week fast from the 5th to the 11th of this month, and we expect all pastors, elders, deacons, deaconesses, and all our churches to participate in this fast for one week. We believe that God is our helper, our rock, the one we look up to. This is the decision we have made for now. We expect everyone in all our branches to take part in this fast.”

The controversy between Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and the people of Nogokpo started when the Archbishop made a statement during the Supernatural Empowerment Summit, triggering widespread discussions and debates. As news spread across social media, tensions escalated, deepening the divide between the church and the local community.

In light of these developments, the leadership of Perez Chapel International has deemed it necessary to seek divine intervention and guidance through a week-long period of fasting and prayers.

The call for participation in the fast extends to all members and branches of Perez Chapel International, urging them to set aside personal differences and come together in prayer.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Nogokpo Chiefs Summon Agyinasare over Controversial Comment

BY: Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Chiefs and Elders of Nogokpo have given Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, Founder of Perez Chapel International, a 14-day ultimatum to meet with them regarding his controversial comment that labeled the community as the “Demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region.

During a Press Conference on Friday, Togbui Saba V, Chief of Nogokpo, expressed disappointment that despite the public outcry for the Archbishop to retract his statement and apologize, he showed no remorse. This has led the Chiefs to believe that the Archbishop deliberately aimed to tarnish the good reputation of the people of Nogokpo.

‘It is important to note that even Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, sought divine assistance from the thunder deity at Nogokpo during his pursuit of Ghana’s independence,’ the chief stated, while highlighting  the historical and cultural significance of Nogokpo in the region.

A spokesperson reading the Chief’s statement

The Chief clarified that the community has never engaged in any inhumane activities or compromised its reputation for personal gain.

While acknowledging the offensive nature of the Archbishop’s comments, the Chiefs emphasized their commitment to peace and called for the Archbishop to be held accountable.

They urged the Inspector General of Police, the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs the Ketu South Municipal Assembly and other relevant agencies to take appropriate action against the Perez Chapel founder.

Nogokpo, located in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, is well-known for its traditional religious practices and spiritual beliefs. The community takes pride in the renowned Zakadza Shrine, dedicated to the god of thunder.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Volta/Oti Regional Librarian Dead

BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Mr. Guy Amarteifio, the Volta/Oti Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority, has passed away.

According to sources, Mr. Amarteifio died on Wednesday in Accra after a brief illness. He had been battling with health issues for some time and had been in and out of the hospital, a source confirmed to Volta Online.

The new Regional Library Complex

During his tenure as Regional Librarian for the past five years, the deceased had been actively involved in the efforts to complete the long-standing Regional Library Complex in Ho.

Thanks to his leadership, the Regional library was relocated from its temporary location at Ho Bankoe E.P. Basic School to the new library complex, while awaiting its full completion and furnishing.

Additionally, Mr. Amarteifio played a pivotal role in establishing readers clubs in various basic schools within the two regions.

Mr. Amarteifio was a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he obtained a degree in Publishing Studies. He later pursued a Master’s degree in Information Sciences at the University of Ghana.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Telecos Begin Blocking Unregistered SIM Cards, over 7.4 Million Momo Wallets affected

BY: Lambert Coffie & Daniel Orlando | Voltaonlinegh.com 

Following the May 31 deadline for the re-registration of SIM cards, Mobile Network Operators have begun blocking non-compliant subscribers as of June 1.

This is in fulfilment of the directives of the regulator, the National Communication Authority (NCA), which announced a nationwide re-registration of SIM cards in Ghana in September 2021. The exercise has since seen several extensions and grace periods to enable full compliance.

However, Dr. Ken Ashigbey, the Chief Executive Officer of the Telecoms Chamber, has revealed that over 9 million SIM cards have not been registered during this period. This includes 7.4 million mobile money wallets, containing an amount of over 200 million cedis.

According to Dr. Ashigbey, such subscribers will be barred from accessing any services on their networks, including calls, data, and mobile money services, until they fully undergo the re-registration process.

Dr. Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey

“Those who have not fully registered their SIM cards will be blocked, and as we speak, the number of those that will be blocked is about 9 million. If you consider those using mobile money that will be blocked, they amount to about 7.4 million, and they will not have access to their mobile money. So on the GSM side, you will not be able to make a call, receive a call, send a text, or use data services,” Dr. Ashigbey said in an interview with Citi News, as monitored by Volta Online. He, however, assured that the money on SIM cards will be safeguarded by the network operators.

“For the 7.4 million subscribers who have over GH¢200 million in their wallets, when they are barred, they will have the opportunity to regain access to their numbers and retrieve their money and historical records by registering,” he added.

Meanwhile, some subscribers have attributed their difficulties in re-registering their SIM cards to challenges in obtaining the Ghana card, which is the sole requirement for the process. The frustrated individuals have in the last few weeks been queuing at the premises of the National Identification Authority (NIA) in an attempt to acquire the national ID card.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Reviewed Utility Tariffs for Second Quarter take Effect

BY: Lambert Coffie | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Effective today June 1, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Water Company have commended implementing revised utility tariffs for the second quarter of 2023.

These new tariffs, approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in May, bring an 18.36 percent increase in end-user electricity prices, adding to the nearly 30 percent hike experienced in the first quarter.

For residential water customers, the new tariffs will result in a nine percent rise in prices, from GHp/M3 433.38 to 472.39. Non-residential customers, on the other hand, will face a 15 percent tariff increment, with prices going up from GHp/M3 1215.11 to 1397.38.

Sachet water producers will see a significant 22.22 percent increase in their tariffs, jumping from GHp/M3 1,800.00 to 2,200.00. Industrial water customers, on the other hand, will experience a 25 percent hike, with tariffs rising from GHp/M3 2000.00 to 2,500.00.

In contrast, commercial and bottled water and drinks producers will benefit from a 16.6 percent reduction in tariffs, lowering prices from GHp/M3 3000.00 to 2500.00.

These upward adjustments in tariffs, according to the ulitities refular, PURC, are attributed to the combined impact of currency depreciation, inflation, increased gas costs, and higher expenses for chemicals used in raw water treatment.

The quarterly review of utility prices is a requirement under the 3-billion dollar support programme that the government entered into with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to revive Ghana’s struggling economy.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

NDC to mark June 4th Anniversary at Hohoe

BY: News Desk | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Hohoe Constituency will be hosting this year’s June 4th Celebration, marking the 44th anniversary of the event.

The celebration, which will be on the theme,”Saving Our Democracy: the Spirit of the June 4th,” will include a health walk, a public lecture, and a wreath-laying ceremony.

A press release issued by the Regional Communication officer of the NDC, Kafui Agbleze, stated that, former President and Flagbearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama, will be the Special Guest of Honour, along with other distinguished guests and speakers.

The June 4th Celebration commemorates Ghana’s 1979 Revolution, aimed at promoting probity and accountability in the nation.

Below, is the fill statement from the NDC.


The Volta Region will be playing host to this year’s June 4th Celebration, which is the 44th since its inception, and it is scheduled to take place in the Hohoe Constituency.

The programme will commence on Saturday June 3rd with a health walk in the morning and subsequently a public lecture at 2:00pm at the campuses of the St. Francis College of Education (FRANCO). 

The memorial event will be climaxed the next day Sunday 8am with a wreath laying at the E.P park in Hohoe. 

This year’s programme is under the theme: “Saving Our Democracy: the Spirit of the June 4th”.

The Special Guest of Honor for this year’s celebration is H.E. John Dramani Mahama, Former President and Flagbearer of the NDC. Other distinguished Guests and Speakers include, Hon. Hudu Yahaya*l, H.E. Dan Abodakpi, Hon. Johnson Aseidu Nketiah, the National Chairman, Hon. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, the General Secretary, Hon. Mawutor Agbavitor, Volta Regional Chairman, Hon. Governs Kwame Agbodza, MP for Adaklu and Minority Chief Whip, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP for North Tongu, Hon. Helen Adjoa Ntoso, MP for Krachi West, Hon. Dr. Zanetor Rawlings, MP for Klortey Korley, Comrade Shine, Comrade Gyamwodie Comrade Eric Bartey and Hon. Worlanyo Tsekpo*, the Parliamentary Candidate for Hohoe. 

June 4th is an annual event prominent on the NDC’s calendar, celebrated to mark Ghana’s 1979 Revolution meant to awaken the conscience of the Nation and imbibe in the citizenry the principles of probity and accountability.

We are by this release, calling on the general public to join the NDC and actively participate in this historic event in Hohoe.


Sorkpa K. Agbleze 

(Regional Communication officer)

30th May 2023

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com 

Pencils of Promise, others donate Educational Materials to Ho Central Prisons

BY: Kofi Gamor | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Non-governmental organization Pencils of Promise (PoP) has partnered with Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Complementary Education Agency to provide educational materials to the Ho Central Prisons.

The gesture, which is aimed at supporting formal education within the correctional facility, is in line with the Complementary Basic Education (CBE) programme, introduced by the government  in 2020 under Act 1055 of Parliament.

Mr. Prince Richard Dada-Addo, Volta/Oti Regional Director of the Complementary Education Agency, underscored the programme’s objective of bridging the literacy gap in Ghana and reintegrating beneficiaries into formal education or skill training, to promote self-reliance.

He further stated that, the programme offers accelerated learning classes in local communities to out-of-school children aged 8 to 14. After a 9-month intensive period, many students are reintegrated into the formal education system.

Mr. Gobah presenting the items to Prisons officials

Items donated include textbooks covering various subjects, notebooks, exercise books, teachers’ resource packs, whiteboards, markers, whiteboard cleaners, and desks.

Mr. Freeman Gobbah, Country Director of Pencils of Promise, highlighted the importance of providing formal education to all citizens, including those in prison, stressing the need for the government and Ghana Education Service to ensure the sustainability of the complementary basic education programme.

‘As an organisation, our primary focus is on the traditional school system, but we also believe that, education as right should not only be limited those in the formal school system, but should be accessible to everyone including prison inmates.,’ he stated

The Deputy Commander of the Ho Central Prisons, C/Supt. Francis Dotsey, expressed gratitude for the donation and acknowledged the prison’s efforts to provide formal education to 50 students under the CBE programme. He thus, appealed for regular supply of teaching and learning materials to the facility to support both current and future students.

On his part,  the Volta Regional Public Relations Officer of GES, Mr. Forgive Yao Agohah, assured that the directorate would supervise the use of the donated items to ensure their proper utilization and positive impact on education for all.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com