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Nii Commey’s ‘Romantic Nonsense’ thrilled Ho Audience

Theatre lovers in the Volta regional capital of Ho last Saturday night were served with a douse of  the most wanted hilarious stage play ‘Romantic Nonsense’ produced by  Nii Commey, a name that is gradually becoming synonymous with contemporary comedy.
The high voltage, fast paced comedy staged at the Ho polytechnic auditorium, irreverently explores the outcome of youthful exuberance and innate human desires for proceeding quickly into marriage as opposed to upholding the religious and time-honored traditions of courtship and true knowledge and understanding between the intended partners.
The seven cast play was woven around two main characters – Kofi Katawodeeso literally meaning ‘cover yours’ and his wife Diamond. Few months into the marriage the two discovered that they were very incompatible. They fought on every single issue – from toothpaste to bathroom slippers and then down to salary declaration. Ironically, whoever comes to the house admires them for their compatibility. Their family pastor Alema never ceases to use them as a testimony of God’s reward for faithfulness.
The Writers choice of words and ability to flexibly create humour out of this very simple daily life issue made the comedy tickle and got patrons cracking their ribs from the prologue to the epilogue.

Hilarious Phrases like ‘women are like elephants, I like to watch them but never would I own one’  ‘it is only in marriage that a man loses his bachelorship and the woman gets her master’ among others set the entire auditorium ablaze with uncontrollable laughter causing audience cravings for more.
Ecstatic patrons couldn’t hide their excitement about play which mirrored the various facets of their relationships with a touch of humour. They expressed gratitude the producers for bringing the theatre experience of Accra and other cities to their doors and called for more of such plays.
The play was under the auspices of Theatre Factory Production in partnership with Novelty Initiative with support from Kum-franky company ltd, and U.S FM.

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