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‘My Learned Senior Descended Too Low’-Lawyer

A Ho-based legal practitioner, Mr. Andrew adugu has said his ‘learned senior’ Tsatsu Tsikata descended too low with his comments which suggested that Justice Annin-Yeboah one the nine-justices who sat on the just-ended election petition case was bias towards the NDC.
Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, who was the lead counsel for the third respondent, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Saturday, said on TV3, that Justice Anin-Yeboah allowed his political biases to cloud his judgment. Mr. Tsikata also said Justice Anin Yeboah consistently took an opposing stance against the NDC’s arguments and position as far as the case was concerned, from the onset, because he was appointed to the Supreme Court by former President Kufuor.
But speaking on US FM’s Morning Rush Show on Monday Mr. Adugu described the comments as ‘very unfortunate’ which should not come from an officer of the court and a very senior one for that matter. ‘This statement is very unfortunate and with all due respect to my learned senior, I think he descended too low on this matter’.
He said lawyers as officers of the court are expected to uphold their professional conduction and the integrity of the court and comments such as this do not help the administration of justice as it has the possibility of reducing the dignity of the court in the eyes of the public.
He said since the judgement and the reasoning behind it is not yet out, ‘singling out a judge and seeking to make people understand he was bias without certain concrete evidence was not the best”.

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