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Confiscate Disputed Nkonya-Alavanyo Land – Police Commander

DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae
In an attempt to end the protracted land dispute characterized by sporadic shootings and attacks between the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo in the Volta Region, the Volta Regional Police Commander has recommended the confiscation of the said land by government.
According to the Deputy Commander of Police, DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae in order for the Police and other Security agencies to fully prevent shootings and attacks “government needs to confiscate the land and turn it into a Police or Military camp;” thus a jungle training facility for the security forces.
He believes that when this is done it will make it difficult if not entirely stop assailants from hiding in the bushes to shoot, maim and murder people in cold blood as is currently the case. DCOP Gyinae made the recommendation in an interview with Daily Guide in Volta region’s Capital, Ho.
The move will also thwart the claims by residents that the combined Police and Security personnel were doing little to prevent the sporadic attacks and counter attacks and for that matter unable to secure their lives.
The Regional Commander noted that it was not prudent for security officers to secure the bushes and leave residents in the towns, because the assailants could also take advantage of that to attack in the communities. He also explained that the negligence of residents to clear bushes close to their homes also created a congenial habitat for assailants to attack.

On the contrary when the disputed area is tuned into a security camp, the whole area will be rendered a “no-go-area” hence making it difficult for assailants to inhabit the bushes. That will also complement the community security arrangement and also facilitate if not fast track the peace talks.
This recommendation comes when residents of the feuding parties are beginning to flout curfew hours and gradually losing confidence in the security operations in the area.
Although leaders of the two factions had apologized to the President and promised to assist the security agencies to weed out assailants taking advantage of the dispute to maim and in some cases murder residents, attacks and shootings continue unabated.
During the Christmas period, residents of Nkonya, one of the disputing parties led by the youth nearly embarked on a mammoth demonstration, but the timely intervention of the combined Police and Military personnel prevented the event.
The organizers refused to give details of the demonstration but hinted of a news conference to unveil the full details of their plight and reason behind the demonstration as well as other key concerns that needed urgent attention.
Despite this development, the Regional Police Commander assured the public and residents in the area that the Police and the Military were poised and prepared to ensure that lasting peace returned to the area.   He urged residents in the area to ensure personal security by clearing weeds around their homes and report any suspicious persons promptly.

DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae also pleaded with the traditional leaders of the two factions to talk to their subjects to desist from the counter attacks and also expose anyone they suspected or had information of their involvement in such inhumane acts.

Source: Daily Guide

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