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[Article] A letter to National Service Personnel

By: Shallom Lumor | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Dear National Service Personnel,

By now some of you have started reporting whiles others are still preparing. Most of you have been posted to places where you have never been before.

As usual the connected ones are in Accra and the cities. Their parents may be politicians or virtually connected. Such is Life. Some people will always be privileged whiles others will always be less privileged. Even Jesus said, “the poor will always be amongst you.”

I have some messages for you.

First of all, the chances of you getting absorbed at your various service posts are very slim, I repeat very slim. Your bosses shouldn’t deceive you, to the ladies, you will be threatened to offer sex for jobs.

Some of your bosses will promise you heaven on earth. He or she will show you all the care and love in the world.  In fact, some of you will become queens and kings whiles others will become slaves and maids to their bosses. Whichever category you find yourselves, please, securing a job from those your bosses is only 1% true.

With this politically crazy Ghana, no CEO is safe, no director is safe and no manager is secured. Directors, CEOs, non-executive directors are losing their jobs daily in Ghana.

Even if they don’t lose it, changes in government will affect them.

So do not be deceived, just work hard, but don’t be 101% sure that you will get a job after one year.

The most important part of my letter is that you must start putting your business ideas together, try to register your own businesses and start putting things in place of becoming your own boss so that immediately you complete your service you would have gotten something to do with your life.

Save at least 20% of your monthly allowances towards starting your business. Start reading books on how to be your own boss.

Secondly, some of you service personnel will be using 50% of your allowances on dresses, shoes, make ups, ties, and anything that makes you looks good.   It’s good to look good, but please beware that it will last just for a year.

You will be taking ‘selfies’ with your new looks and be updating us on social media but after a year you will weep when you see that others have gotten a better job and are still updating us, whiles you wallow in your joblessness.

Please keep it cool at this time. Things don’t always go according to our expectations.

After a year, you may wear those dresses for years in order to look for a secured Job. THINK, SAVE AND INVEST.

However, I heard a company is offering you guys electrical appliances. Oh yes! It’s very good to furnish your rooms. But who takes loan to buy home appliances?

You alone, do you need the microwave oven, cooking stove, flat screen TV, blender, iron?

National Service is not a life starter; you even want to start on negative?


You must know that, you may purchase all those appliances and after service if things don’t work as you expected, you will sell them all, just to have something to eat.

For some of you, after the service, you may not even have places in your various homes to send them to. THINK, SAVE AND INVEST.

Some of you will spend your whole service period buying roasted plantain popularly called ‘kofi brokeman’, hausa koko and waakye for others. Please fight to be sent to departments where you can learn and have some experiences.

You are not the first offering your National Service in that organization and you won’t be the last.  You will endure all the undocumented messenger work and at the end of the service no one will appraise you for being a messenger who buys waakye monthly.

Let me tell you a secret, it’s likely the work you do more will be what you will be employed for. Please I will like to know whether you will be employed to be buying ‘kofi brokeman’?

No! So better focus on being productive than humble, serviceable and respectful. These are the words they will be using on you for buying food for them.

I am not saying you shouldn’t serve them, please do, but know that the ultimate aim for you there is to serve your nation and learn through practices which must give you the necessary experiences for a future job.

Lastly, this is not the time to start taking some family responsibilities. It will last only for a year. What will you do after a year? THINK, SAVE AND INVEST.

But then again, use your time wisely in your various offices to learn more, open your eyes, read every document that comes your way.

Be smart and be productive. Contribute your quota significantly to the growth of your organization. You won’t regret it. THINK, SAVE AND INVEST.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com

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