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By: King Nobert Akpablie| Voltaonlinegh.com |

The story of Anlo’s Mama Yakagbe is a fascinating tale of bravery and heroism, and it’s great to see it being recognized in the context of Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageantry. Mama Yakagbe’s story is reminiscent of Yaa Asantewa’s, a renowned figure from the Ashanti Kingdom who led male warriors against colonial masters. While Yaa Asantewa is more widely known, Mama Yakagbe’s contribution to her people’s history is equally remarkable.

Mama Yakagbe’s role in the ‘DatuTagba’ war of 1866, where she fought alongside Anlo warriors, demonstrates her exceptional courage and abilities. Her reputed supernatural powers and her display of these powers on the battlefield highlight her extraordinary nature. The creation of a “chief’s Stool of Valour” in her honour further emphasises her significance and lasting impact on the Anlo Kingdom.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mama Yakagbe’s story is her espionage skills. By pretending to be mad, she infiltrated the enemy’s town to gather critical information about their vulnerabilities and plans. This cunning strategy proved invaluable in securing victory for her people.

Mama Yakagbe, the great warrior of Anlo

The way she used her warriors and her clever tactics, such as torching the enemy’s thatch houses to draw them out, showcases her strategic brilliance. Her leadership and bravery were instrumental in ensuring her people’s success in the war.

In the context of the recent Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Selorm’s portrayal of Mama Yakagbe’s character highlights the enduring significance of this historical figure. Selorm’s ability to not only embody the beauty and eloquence of Mama Yakagbe but also her bravery is a testament to the enduring legacy of this remarkable woman.

Congratulations to Selorm for her victory in the beauty pageant and for reminding everyone of the inspiring story of Mama Yakagbe, a true heroine in the history of the Volta Region.

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