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Nogokpo reacts to tragic death of Coconut seller in Ho

BY: KALD | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The tragic death of a coconut seller who was struck by lightning in Ho on Monday, has generated mixed reactions among residents as to the actual cause of the incident.

Whereas, some people believed the 17-year old boy could be a mere victim of circumstance, who found himself in the path of lightning, others are also reading  spiritual meaning into the occurrence.

According to them, in Ewe tradition, death caused by lightning could be as a result of the wrath of a thunder god.

This seem to have been reinforced in a post on the official Facebook page of the Nogokpo Shrine, a popular deity located in the southern part of the Volta region.

In a reaction to Volta Online story on the incident, the shrine posted, ‘There’s a thunder God that strikes and it’s true. It’s never a superstition.’

According some observers, the spirituality of the occurrence was the reason why, the body of the coconut seller has still not been taken from the scene  several hours after the incident, though two other injured victims were taken to the hospital.

They indicated to Volta Online that, the body can only be moved from the scene after some rituals have been performed at the scene  by agents of the thunder god.

Meanwhile, Volta Online understands, the family of the boy has been traced and efforts were being taken to contact the appropriate persons to carry out the rituals.

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