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A registration centre at Ho-Kpodzi
Long queues have been recorded at various centers on Sunday, Day two of the biometric voter registration exercise in Ho, with some applicants getting to the registration centres as early as 5:30am to partake in the  National exercise which will run for 40 days.
At the Ho-Heve E.P Primary School registration centre, applicants complained bitterly of the slow pace of the registration process, which some furious ones blamed on the lackadaisical attitudes of some of the registration officers towards the exercise but a Registration Assistant Seth
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Atsrim refuted the allegation and noted that 85 persons have been registered as of 1:00PM. This according to him constituted an average of 12  persons per hour as compared to 66 persons recorded by the close of day one. He also disclosed that aside, the bad weather condition which prompted the early closure of the exercise at 4:30pm and low battery on the day one of the registration, there has been no problem encountered on day two.

The situation was not different at the Ho-Deeper Life church registration centre, as 88 persons got registered as of 5:20pm as against 75 persons on day one. According to the registration officer, Raymond Akposoe, aside the hand-head scanner which posed a problem on the first day, no other problem has been encountered.
The registration centre at the Ho-Bankoe L.A. J.H.S, registered 194 persons as of 3:00pm as compared to 102 persons that was recorded on day one of the exercise. Meanwhile, the New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate for Ho central, Dr. Archibald Letsa has said that, he has received reports of attempted registration of minors at the centre which his party will officially report to the municipal electoral officer for the appropriate actions to be taken.
He also noted that the process was too slow and that the officials undertaking the registration did not seem to have mastered their work but expressed the hope that the officials would pick up their acts as the exercise progressed.
 The exercise has been generally smooth at the other Registration Centres visited within the Ho Municipality with the representatives of the two main political parties, NDC & NPP observing the process.

Click link to listen to Report on Day 2 of Bio registration & Dr. Letsa’s complains of the registration of minors

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