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Luxury In the Clouds; A Taste of Ho’s Coolest Locations

By: AKN | Voltaonlinegh.com|

Ever thought of a hospitality experience in the clouds as the lush greenery  rolls over the mountains? Then you are only a few seconds away from making that discovery in Ghana.

It has perhaps not grabbed much attention but it is at the heart of the Volta’s hospitality industry.

Sky plus Hotel

It is the Weta Mountains or the Kabakaba Hills located uphill of the Volta Regional capital, Ho.

The mountains which stretch from the northeastern part of the capital to the northwestern part, and kissing the heavens, provides a soothing environment worth experiencing.

A look at the mountains over one’s head captures a pleasing view of magnificent buildings with the terraced structures.

It is no wonder, that there is a mad rush for lands at that part of the city.

Investors, who acquired these lands, mostly invest in the hospitality industry.

Road leading to Volta Serene

Chains of Hotels are springing up on the hills where irresistible treats await guests.

Some of the prestigious Hotels in the Volta Region are up there in the clouds. Volta Serene, Skyplus, African Hill Resort and Fred’s Kitchen and Wellness among others are all soaring in the clouds.

African Hill Resort

Weta hills is indeed an exciting space in Ghana to enjoy good times and it presents a perfect setting to explore nature. The topography of the area provides a thrilling environment for hiking and camping.

At one side are the lush view of the Ho Township and the panoramic view of Adaklu Mountains which is on the hips of the City.

Volta Serene at Night

From the other end, one could have a serene view of Klefe and its spouting waterfalls.

Less than 30 minutes’ drive from the hill could land you in Amedzorfe; the highest points of human settlements in Ghana. The town with its temperate weather has another thrilling experience that would be told another day.

On the Weta (Kabakaba hills), one feels closer to the heavens. And it could be a reason churches pitch camp in the forest to meditate.

Sky plus pool side

But as the development sprout in the greenbelt, there are concerns over its threats on the ecological system.

Obviously, there is a need to merge the development and deforestation through policies that could satisfy all competing interests.

Volta Serene at Night

It behoves on city authorities to show the way.

I’m particularly enthused by the luxury I see in the clouds on the Weta Hills and I see this as a gold mine in tourism in the Volta Region yet to be fully harnessed.

As Ho gradually becomes a city of choice for persons who need time away from the buzz of Accra, I recommend the clouds for the next guest.

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