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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Low turnout renders registration officers idle in the Volta region

The ongoing 10-day limited Voter Registration exercise continues to experience low patronage by prospective first time voters across the Volta region.
A tour of some registration centres on Wednesday by the Volta Regional Minister Helen Ntoso saw most registration officers idling with some having a nap due to the dull nature of the weather.
The Regional Minister first stop was at the Ho Municipal Assembly registration centre, where, the Registration officer said since the start of the exercise on Monday, a total 19 people were registered as of 12:30PM. At the Dzolokpuita and Amedzofe registration centers in the Ho West District, a total of 23 and 12 people were registered as of 1:00pm respectively.
In the South Dayi District, the Regional Minister accompanied by the District Chief Executive visited the Peki-Wodome L/a JHS and Peki Blengo E.P. church registration centres, where a total of 15 and 28 people were registered respectively.
Registration officers at the centres visited disclosed that, because of the recent Supreme Court invalidation of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards for use in the exercise, majority of persons who were registered brought along guarantors.
Mr. Gbagbo Charles, a member of the Ho West district Assembly blamed the low turnout at the Vane and Amedzofe areas on the distance people in adjourning communities have to travel before registering.

He said, people in communities such as, Gbadzeme, Dzogbefeme, Biakpa and Dzokpe have to travel between 2-10km to the nearest registration centres at Amedzofe, Vane or Fume.
He therefore appealed to the Electoral commission to rotate the registration centres between the communities to enable prospective voters to register.
Also only agents of two politic all parties, the NDC and NPP were present at all the centers visited.

Madam Ntoso urged the chiefs, Assembly members and agents of the various political parties to spread the message through the beating of the gonggong, seeking audience at church sessions and social gatherings and through the information Vans in the districts to get the prospective first time voters to register their names onto the voters roll.

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