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Dr. Afun Addressing students
Three students of Ho Polytechnic are to be rusticated for misbehaving during a street float to mark the Student Representative Council week celebrations last semester.
Dr Victor Jakpasu Afun, Rector of the Polytechnic, disclosed this at the 19th Matriculation of 1,930 fresh students in Ho on Friday.
The offending students, whose identities were not disclosed, were said to have indecently assaulted some student nurses and a tutor of Nurses Training College during the float. 

Dr Afun expressed regret about the rowdy and unthinkable behavior of those students and urged the fresh students to thoroughly read the Students hand book on rules of the Polytechnic and abide by them since ignorance of the law is no excuse.

“You are free to do what you want to do, but remember, everything you do will be scrutinized” he emphasized and also expressed concern about increase in street attack around the Polytechnic community with the arrival of students.
He advised the students not to engage in acts that society frowns upon, stating that homosexuality is not human enough, for it to be regarded and defended as a human right.
“If you decide to go homosexual, you can call it some right, but I don’t think that’s human enough for it to be defended as human right” he said.
Dr. J.V.K. Afun, also expressed concern over the lack of interest by female students to pursue science and technology related courses at the polytechnic; he noted that out of 1,930 fresh students admitted, 37 per cent were admitted for science and technology programmes, with only four per cent being females. He therefore appealed to female students to develop more interest in science and technology programmes.
Section of Fresh Students
Dr Afun said that a website is being designed for the polytechnic to facilitate information dissemination, as the Polytechnic is also working hard to increase student’s access to internet facilities as well to provide more furniture in the lecture halls to alleviate the problems of inadequate furniture. He therefore called on the students to take their studies seriously so as not to ruin the huge investment being made in them by their parents. click link and listen to Dr. J.V.K Afun

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