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Dr. J.V.K
Dr. J.V.K affun, the Rector of Ho Polytechnic has asked students of the polytechnic to exhaust every avenue available for addressing grievances before engaging in any act(s) that will be detrimental to them and polytechnic.
“Not until you exhaust all avenues of addressing a particular issue, to ascertain that you are right and the other party is wrong, you don’t engage in any act that will be detrimental to you” the rector emphasized.
The rector’s comment follows rumors that some students are planning to boycott the second semester examinations which begins today because of the inconsistent changes in the examination time table for at least three times.
The examination which was earlier scheduled to last for two weeks later saw an extension to three weeks after the Student Representative Council (S.R.C) executives have appealed and negotiated with the timetable committee for the extension in order to give ample time to students to write the exams.  
However in sharp twist, the time table was reverted back to two weeks at the eleventh hour which Starred frustration among students.

But, Dr. Affun in an address to students and staff  of the polytechnic at the End of Semester church service on Sunday, explained that the back and forth changes in the timetable was because, the timetable committee did not communicate to management their decision with the S.R.C to extend the duration of the examination by an additional week.
The rector also explained that, as of the time the changes were made, the Polytechnic academic calendar has already been drawn and approved by the academic board and circulated to all stakeholders including the Ministry of Education.
Dr. Affun however expresses the hope that, the issue of the extension will be addressed at the next sitting of the academic board for it to take effect from next semester.
He therefore urged the students to bear with management and not to boycott the examinations even though it is within their right to do so, adding that any such action will lead to the re-starting of the academic year with its dire consequences on both students and management.
The rector also advised the students to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to examination in the polytechnic to avoid being ousted out due to examination Mal-practice.

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