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Exclusive Audio: President Mahama’s 2016 Easter Message

President Mahama exchanging pleasantries with chiefs at the durbar

President John Mahama has urged Ghanaians not to only dwell on the failures of the country Ghana but also celebrate her successes.
According to him, Ghana has chalked a lot of successes ahead of her peers in the West African sub region since independence, which we most often take for granted.
Delivering his 2016 Easter message at Sokpoe in the South Tongu district of the Volta on Saturday, President Mahama said  just as the lessons of Easter remind us of adversity and opportunity, so is the story of Ghana.
“Easter teaches us life is not one long smooth journey of opportunity alone. As a nation, 59 years of independence, we have gone through adversity but we have also had our moment of opportunity. And so what makes the difference between success and failure is that we don’t lament on our moments of adversity but we recognize our moment of opportunity and take advantage of it,” President Mahama stated at the 32nd annual Tortsogbe (River crossing) festival celebrations by the Chiefs and people of Sokpoe, a community along the western bank of the Volta river.
He further noted that “we all want to go to heaven, but we cannot walk straight into heaven like this. You have to die first before you resurrect in heaven. So you must necessarily go through adversity in order to that you can have opportunity.”
He therefore believe, it is only when citizens appreciate and boast of the country’s successes that, others will be motivated to work hard to make Ghana a better place. Play attach audio and listen to full message.
Source: Voltaonlinegh/LA

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