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‘Demonic HQ’comment: See the reaction of the Nogokpo Chief

BY: KALD | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The recent controversy surrounding Archbishop Charles Agyinasare’s remark about Nogokpo being a “demonic headquarters,” seem to be far from over.

This is because, Torgbui Saba V, the Dufia (Chief) of Nogokpo, has released a statement addressing the issue.

In a brief statement issued on Friday, Torgbui Saba V acknowledged that the traditional authority at  Nogokpo had become aware of the discussions taking place on social media platforms concerning Archbishop Agyinasare’s comment.

The Archbishop, founder of Perez Chapel International, recently made headlines with his controversial statement, which sparked widespread debates and condemnations.

“We wish to let Ghanaians and the world know that we are deliberating on the issue, and you shall hear from us in due course,” stated the Chief of Nogokpo, signifying the seriousness with which the matter is being approached. The statement from the traditional authority suggests that they are actively engaged in assessing the implications and significance of Archbishop Agyinasare’s comment.

Nogokpo, located in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, is renowned for its traditional religious practices and spiritual beliefs. The community is known for the popular Zakadza Shrine (the shrine of the god of thunder).

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

However the comment by the Perez Chapel founder, labeling the entire Nogokpo community as the  ‘demonic headquarters‘ due to a supposed vehicular incident in the area, involving his entourage some time back, has ignited intense discussions among Ghanaians, especially netizens. Many of whom have expressed contrasting opinions, with some defending the Archbishop, while others have criticized the remark as being disrespectful to traditional beliefs and practices, hence demanded an apology from him.

The statement from Nogokpo Chief

Earlier, the Shrine had responded to the archbishop’s comment, urging him to retract and respect other people’s beliefs. But with this latest statement from the Chief,  it remains to be seen how the traditional authority will respond to this controversial situation in the coming days.

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