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ARS Church backs Parliament’s Stance against Homosexuality

The Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) Church, with headquarters at Tadzewu in the Ketu North Municipality in the Volta Region, has lauded the stance of Parliament against the legalisation of gay marriages in the country.

According to the church, a recent bipartisan pronouncement by parliamentarians against the practice is a step in the right direction to send a strong signal to lobbyists that the country will not condone an act that is alien to the Ghanaian culture.

High Priest

The High Priest and Chairman of the Executive Governing Body, Nyeenyame Etsey Wovenu I, expressed excitement about Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament’s disposition on the issue.

“We are very excited that the Speaker clearly came out against same sex marriages. He really confirmed God’s commandments and is acting accordingly,” the high priest said.

He added that such acts, among other incidences of violence and unrest springing up in today’s society, were as a result of mankind’s resolve to create wealth through unjust means.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Society’s General Conference at its headquarters at Tadzewu last Saturday, Nyeenyame Wovenu I advised members and the general public to work towards attracting God’s blessings and stay away from “evil covenants” and their train of misfortunes.

He said the society practised unadulterated faith in the “true God” and had a vision of going global in the near future.

He, therefore, entreated members all over the world to join them for the centenary celebration.

Touching on the church’s mission, the high priest indicated that the ARS prioritised community development as a social responsibility and called on government to support its efforts at providing basic facilities in deprived areas.

Economic activities

He said the economic activities of the local communities saw significant growth during the society’s conferences and fellowship activities and that its expansion affected their growth.

Top on the agenda was the centenary celebration which wil be held on December 25, 2018 to highlight the achievements of the society and its Founder, Prophet Charles Kwabla Nutornti Wovenu.

The Vice Chairman of the Governing Body, Togbui Awii IV, said the 60th anniversary celebration of the Women Council, which comes off this year, would be held at branch levels to pave the way for the centenary celebration.

Meanwhile, Six new members of the Church’s nine-member  board of Trustees were elected and sworn into office, to replace deceased members, and were reminded of their duty to ensure the prevention of encroachments on church lands and the misappropriation of its assets.

They include, the High Priest, Rev. Nyeenyami Etsey Wovenu, Elder Samuel Aheto, Torgbi Awui III, Mr. Charles Dziedzorm Agboloso, Elder Habel Dufe and Rev. Kplorla Nyamadi Gbetodeme.

The conference have also scheduled a “Revelation Service” to be celebrated by the church from July 20th to 22 this year.

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