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Agotime Water Crisis Is my Headache, I’m Working on it-DCE Assures

By: Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel | Voltaonlinegh.com |

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Agotime-Ziope District, D. D. Dzorkpe has identified potable water for his people as the biggest challenge to his administration saying, he has had sleepless nights over the issue.

“The water crisis in Kpetoe is real, it’s very real because the community is growing, and the little pumping system that we have is also weak. It’s weak and rusted and we are just managing it. The iron removal machine that is to help us with clean water is also not functioning. These are the systems I’ve come to meet,” he lamented.

Mr. Dzorkpe stated that the Assembly has since 2016, been working on a number of sources to find a lasting solution to the problem including appealing to “government to help us get little fund to rehabilitate the whole Kpetoe system assuring that, “we gave them our submission and they’re working at it very fast.”

The DCE who was speaking to journalists in his office on Tuesday, said government for the meantime, has provided the water for the people of Akpokorpe and some other communities, and expressed hope that a significant step would be taken in bringing a lasting solution to the water crisis in the area.

“What is left now is the Kpetoe Township which is growing very fast. So the main objective of getting the water system rehabilitated is to improve the water distribution to the people of Agotime Kpetoe and all the satellite communities.”

He said that he made several appeals to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which he expected would soon be yielding some good results.

“We have made several appeals and there is one NGO that has taken Agotime Adedome and even added a CHIPS compound. As for Akpokorfe and Afegame, it’s through collaboration with the Spain Water Project.”

Some residents fetching water from River Tordze

An earlier visit by this reporter to Kpetoe on Monday, revealed residents drawing water from the Tordze River (which the DCE described as unhealthy for use) while some, especially the men were also seen fetching the water into yellow gallons to be sold at Ghc1.00 or Ghc1.50 per gallon.

A resident, Kordzo Agbe in an interview said the water situation has remained one thing that is making life very difficult for them.

“The water issue is making life very difficult for us. We wish government can do something quick about it for us. The situation gets very serious in October to early January, in particular.”

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com

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