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Adaklu hit with Perennial Floods

A volunteer carrying a woman across flood waters
About 30 communities in the Adaklu district of the Volta region have been cut off from the rest of the district following heavy downpour last week which flooded roads and farmlands in the area.
Major roads linking the district capital; Adaklu Waya to Mafi-Kumasi, Ziope, and Agortime-Kpetoe were completely submerged by flood waters.  
The perennial disaster which is caused by the spillage of Waya and Tordze rivers in the area rendered the district capital, where the only Clinic and Senior High school are situated inaccessible to residents including students and public servants staying outside the district.
Togbui Lablulu Tegbeza V, chief Adaklu-Waya, said the situation nearly caused the lives of two pregnant women who were in labour in one of the adjourning communities last Sunday, but for the intervention of some youngmen in the area who have to carry a midwife shoulder high across the flood waters to attend to the women.
He noted that similar flooding in 2011 which claimed the life of one person compelled the late President Atta Mills to visit the area, who promise the construction of the main bridge across the river as well as the roads in the area.

Togbui Lablulu Tegbeza V, however lamented the seemingly inaction on part of government inability to construct the roads in the area as promised to end the perennial flooding.
‘Some areas are more low lying than Adaklu but they were able to raise their roads and they are passable throughout the year…  We know government haven’t got money but wherever they’ve been getting money to upgrade other roads, they should find money from that source too for Adaklu, we also deserve what is good for others.’
The district chief executive of the area, Mr. Sky Ganaku said, though the flood waters are gradually subsiding, the assembly has advised residents not to attempt crossing it in order to prevent any casualty.

Mr. Simon Myles Gbaka, Regional NADMO coordinator also said his is expecting an assessment report from his men on the ground to determine the kind of relieve items to be sent to the area.

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