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Robbers Attack Private Clinic in Ho

Foresight Clinic
Four armed robbers last Wednesday night stormed the Foresight Clinic in Ho, the Volta Regional Capital taking away money and properties. According to an eyewitness and a victim, Wilson Ablormeti the incident which happened between 8:45pm and 9:00pm led to the loss of about GH1000.00, working tools and personal belonging of staff, including mobile phones and two laptops.
Wilson Ablormeti said he and the security man and one other person were assaulted by the masked robbers while his mobile phone and money was also collected.
Robbery Details
He explained that at about 8:45 a man entered the clinic to visit his wife and daughter which the security man and other nurses clarified that there was no such admission.
The man was asked to call the wife and verify her location. The man replied that he had done that and the wife was still insisting that she was at foresight Clinic.
Just when the man was being persuaded to leave, four masked men charged into the clinic and joined the man. The gun wielding men requested for the mobile phones and monies on the about seven staff members at the facility.

The Assistant Nurse in charge, Kodzo Anna added that the robbers ransacked the records room where they took over GH800.00. They then took two laptops and began to remove the wall television at the OPD without success. They then rushed out.
The Police was called in, but missed the robbers by a whisker. 
Police Investigations
The Ho Municipal Police Command has begun fervent investigations into the case and have assured that the culprits will soon be apprehended. The Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae have also assured that the Police in on top of issues and all resources available will be put to weeding out criminals in the municipality.
He advised residents to practice good personal security and pleaded for prompt information to assist Police in their duties.   

This latest incident comes just days after some chiefs of Ho lamented about the state of security in the regional capital and threatened to deploy their traditional warriors to protect residents.

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