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Kpovitɔwo Be Yewo Mele Ɣleti Wuienyi Vi Aɖeke o

Amugã nutome kpovitɔwo dɔdzikpɔƒea gbe nu le nyadzɔdzɔ aɖe si do hede dzesie Adidome nutome kpovitɔwo ƒe ƒe ɖeka ɣleti adẽ vi aɖe lele ƒe nya gbɔ be mele eme o.

Nyadzɔdzɔa de dzesie be, kpovitɔ siwo le Adidome sile Central Tognu nutoamea, wole nyɔnuvi ɖevi aɖe si woɖe ŋkɔ na be Princess Gokay ɖe alesi wobu nazã ɖe eŋu be etiekpɔ be yeade aɖi nume na etɔɖia ƒe vi ŋutsuvi si woɖe ŋkɔ na be Kwaku Gokay sinɔ dɔlem la.

Gake Amugã nutome hlɔ̃nyawo dzikpɔla Supt. Wonder Dogbevia, ɖeme be kpovitɔwo womele ɖevi aɖeke nenema abe alesi nyadzɔdzɔa de dzesie ene o.

Ebe yewo miasi amesiwo  ƒe asiwo le nyadzɔdzɔ ma kaka mea hena gbebiabia wo.

Togbɔbe ele alea hã, nuteƒekpɔla aɖe sile nutoamea ka nyata be nugɔmasemase le ɖevi eveawo dadawo domi eye wodometɔ ɖeka vae na nutsotso kpovitɔwo.  Eɖeme be kadodo nyuie aɖeke mele vifofo eveawo hã dome o.

Today nyadzɔdzɔgbalãe he nyadzɔdzɔ si gbɔ kpovitɔwo nu gbem lea ɖe go le Blaɖagbe si vayi ŋdime. Woƒe nyadzɔdzɔa ɖeme hã be, kpovitɔwo wɔ ɖoɖo hena ɖevia kpɔkplɔ yi Mafi Adidome nutome υɔnudrɔ̃ƒea alebe  woavae ɖo biabia aɖewo ŋu kuɖe nudzɔdzɔa ŋuti.


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