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Sunflower Hotel; the Hotel facing the Sun

King Nobert | Voltaonlinegh.com |

Dzodze, the Municipal Capital of Ketu North is a typical traditional community in the Volta Region with rich Ewe culture tracing its roots to the ancient town of Ketu now Benin.

Historically, Dzodze in its early days was surrounded by thick forest, mostly oil palm, which shielded the people from regional warfare and slave trade activities. The indigenes of the town narrate stories of how they mysteriously settled in a Palm forest.

Located at the North-Eastern part of the town behind the popular Nichodelia Hostel, the tall structures of Sunflower Hotel enjoy the first kisses of the rising sun.

Currently, the hotel has comfortable and sizeable rooms with a Bar and swimming pool. It also has a beautiful garden that Management is determined to build a natural setting for visitors’ relaxation. The facility is an ongoing project to provide a safe and comfortable home for guests who visit the historic palm forest.

Even at its early stages, the hotel looks stunning and cozy but Management says there is a bigger plan to make the facility a preferred one for anyone visiting the southern Volta.

The next time you visit the Ketu enclaves, do well to enjoy the warmth and peace under the rays of the beautiful sunflower.

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