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Chief Adds Voice To Plight Of Agbozume Kete Weavers

BY: Ahiamadzi Joseph| Voltaonlinegh.com |

The Chief of the Royal Family of SOME, Togbe Atiane, has agreed to challenges raised by some Kete Weavers in the Agbozume market regarding issues of middlemen. 

According to Togbe, the activities of these  middlemen is crippling progress of the weavers in these recent  times .

He said, Kete weaving has since been the source of livelihood for many residences in the area decades ago when their forefathers brought it from Ketu in Nigeria.

Togbe Atiane further explained that Kete weaving has taken the image of Agbozume across Ghana, Nigeria and beyond adding that, the Agbozume Kete is the original among all kete products across the West Africa sub region.

He emphasized that due to quality product delivery of the weavers, some people were influenced to travel across the country to establish the weaving industries in Nigeria.

He therefore appealed for government support to curb this and many heavy burden on the citizens of Agbozume so as to sustain the business.

Abount two weeks ago, Voltaonlinegh reported that Kete Weavers of Agbozume in the Ketu South Municipality of Volta Region have appealed to Government and other stakeholders to help curb the canker of middlemen in the Agbozume Kete market.

According to the Weavers in the report, this urgent request is to eradicate the cheating meted by middlemen in the Agbozume Kete Market on them.

Mr. Edem Joshua Galley, a Weaver at the Agbozume, explained that Kete weaving has since been a source of their livelihood and a profession for many people of Agbozume for many years.

He said, the trade which had helped a lot of people in the area to even attain higher education is no longer lucrative and attractive due to cheating and other financial challenges.

Mr. Galley stated that, the number of weavers in the business now as compared to some year ago is on the increase which makes the weaving business a-hand-to-mouth one in the area.

He further revealed that the act of these middlemen in the market has worsened the weaving profession in a way that many weavers are running the business at loss these days.

He also calls on Ministry of Trade and Industry to intervene in their affairs adding that their intervention can help boost the kete industry in Agbozume, Ghana and beyond.

He said authorities should assist by putting in proper measures to bring some sanity in their operation in the market so as to make a living.

Source: www.voltaonlinegh.com

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